Summer Night Fishing Walleye Lures

* Lindy Rig Great for snag-free bottoms. On mud, weeds, submerged timber, rocks, or boulders, adding a no-snagg slip sinker to a Lindy Rig will keep you catching fish not snags. This slower presentation gets most of the action especially in shallow water. * Faster moving lures #5 or #7 Shad Rap really perk things up at night. That’s when I particularly like to cast an artificial minnow into the shallows. In the dark of the night, when a walleye hits during such a fast retrieve, you'll be amazed at how hard it strikes. * Deep lip crankbait like a deep diving Storm Thunder Stick. Troll this in an area that has a soft bottom like mud or sand. The long bill will dive deep and stunt into the soft bottom. This will cause an erratic motion to the fish, plus stir up the bottom and fish will move in to investigate.The pause surge pause motion of your rod will encourage more strikes than just trolling with a dead rod. * On Weedy Lakes If you happen to be on a weedy lake and the weeds are emerging try long-line trolling on top of the weeds with live bait on small lipless crankbaits, just ticking the weed tops.

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