Locating Summer Bass while Night Fishing

* Use the same tactics you use during the daytime: they really work. * Check deepwater structure or cover--then move to nearby shallow areas to find bass at night. A good topo will help you tremendously if available. * Check shallows next to drop offs or ledges. Most lakes have long tapering points, and they'll move to the tops of these areas during night. * Points that have creeks or river channels are great during summer months because of the often cooler water, and higher oxygen levels of the water. * Rocks Crayfish come out at night, so the bass are looking for them on the rocks. Riprap and natural rock points are both good, as well as banks. * Brush Bass hold here at night. Look for blowdowns and deep brush piles. Lighted buoy's can help you mark it during daytime to return later, but you can always add your own light stick to the buoy to mark the brush. * Around docks If a light there (or your own) pulls in baitfish, it'll be great. The only drawback, other than angry dock owners, are the bugs that the light attracts. They tend to fly to your face. * Stay put. Even if you aren't getting bites, bass are on the move, hunting for food, at night and they will come to you. * Fish offshore humps, roadbeds, and points, structures that provide shallow water. If there’s grass on top, all the better. * Try turning off your lights and sonar. Fish feed even when there isn't light, so you'll be surprised what you catch when you make even less disturbance.

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