HSK 5 Vocabulary 5

1. 狡猾 jiǎohuá sly, crafty, cunning 狐狸再狡猾也都不够好猎手。 The craftiest fox can't escape the skilled hunter. 2. 实践 shíjiàn to put into practice 实践是我们的认识产生了新的飞跃。Practice brings about a new leap in our knowledge. 3. 围绕 wéirào to centre on 月亮围绕着地球旋转。 The moon revolves round the earth. 4. 陌生 mòshēng strange, unfamiliar 尽管我们初次见面,但并不感到陌生。 Although it was only our first time meeting, we didn't feel like strangers. 5.假装 jiǎzhuāng to pretend, to feign 他假装不知道。 He's feigning ignorance.

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