How Can You Manage Booking on Ethiopian Airlines?

How Can I Access my Ethiopian Airlines Manage my Booking Option?

Making errors during booking is not a big issue, and Ethiopian Airlines let you make changes. Though many flyers don’t know about changing it, it is not that tough. You can manage your booking easily by directing some steps that are discussed further.

What Type of Change Can You Make with the “Manage Booking” Option?

There are a lot of changes you can make, and some of them may introduce some additional fees, and some may not be.

* Changing flight

* Rescheduling current flight

* Cancel booking

* Adding person or purchasing seats

You can see how many things you can do this option, and you can do this all online.

What are the Steps to Get the “Manage Booking” Option of Ethiopian Airlines?

* You can use any browser but make it is updated and easy interface.

* Now, open the search option and search for the official website of Ethiopian Airlines.

* Further, you can click on the “main page” Here, at the top of the page, you can see the third option, which is “Manage to book”.

* Here you can click and mention the booking reference and last name and click on the retrieve booking.

Ethiopian Airlines manage booking

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