Why Do We Have an Ego?

When we imagine our ego and what it would look like, we might convince ourselves that it has a striking resemblance to what we see when we gaze in the mirror.

This ego of ours is an idea that we carry around—it does tend to go wherever we go, doesn’t it? No invitation is required. Our ego is along for the free ride  whether we like it or not.

To unplug this connection to ego means lights out. For many, it signifies the end of our lives, so we don’t dare take this route.

Nature just designed it to be this way.

We are stuck with our ego, for good or bad, and there are a lot of people who are very content with their egos, even if their egos cause significant harm to themselves and others.

They’ll also connect to a collective idea and defend it along with other egos to their death. They spend enormous amounts of time, energy, and resources to justify and defend the actions of their ego.

Logically, you might ask — assuming that this is what nature intended, yet not worth defending — why do we have an ego at all?

Because it works.

It uses the languages we invented, and it weaves these remarkable, complex stories.

It writes laws and convinces us that these laws are natural states of being.

It dictates what is right and what is wrong.

It speaks of justice and can justify being unjust for the sake of justice.

The ego works.

The ego works so well it has convinced most of us that it is real.

That it is someone else.

That it is also you.

It works so well that it has us believing that some of us are better than others.

It works so well that it has convinced us to get into a cage so it can be freed, rather than allowing us to be liberated.

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