Pubg mobile updated new version is 1.7 and now in this version, people can't add any config for pro playing finally I find a solution and I make the best config for this version.

It's not easy as you think I do hard work for made it now it's totally safe for the main account.

people playing and all of them almost love this config it's totally safe for use.



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How to use:

First download config

Now extract it and paste it in your android/data/Tencent.ig/files here.

It's very easy to use just copy the file and paste it into the path I said.

Play like a pro so you can't face any ban issue.

You can watch videos from my youtube channel for more instructions.

Pubg Mobile No Recoil File:

Pubg mobile no recoil file make your recoil lower so you can play without recoil or it makes your game recoil 0 so anyone can kill his enemy easily. It will help you to kill the enemy easily.

Using this config lots of players now become pros and they are in conqueror so don't waste your time start using this config for totally free.

Pubg Mobile White Body File:

Pubg Mobile white body using this file you can see your enemy easily and you can kill them.

If you use this file you can see enemies behind grass and you can kill them

Pubg Mobile No Grass File:

Pubg mobile no grass using this file your game start without grass so if any enemy tries to hide behind grass you can see them and you can kill them that's what all-pro player doing nowadays.

Download the File from here.

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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