Chinese version of Doctor Stranger to have different ending

SBS‘s hit drama “Doctor Stranger” will be re-edited as a film for the Chinese audience, but with a different ending from the original source material. The film version of “Doctor Stranger” will shorten the original drama into 120 minutes for the big screen. This will be accomplished by cutting out a lot of the background information on the main characters. Instead the film will focus on the plot points that unfold during the drama. According to a production staff member, most of Lee Jong Suk‘s character’s back story in North Korea will be cut out, with a bigger focus on the mellow storyline between his character and his love interest played by Jin Se Yeon. The rivalry between the two male leads will also be emphasized. The additional shooting for the Chinese film wrapped up on July 14. According to an insider, the film version will have a different ending from the drama. “Doctor Stranger” was a smashing hit in Korea, coming first place in its time slot. Its popularity has also led to the Chinese version to be released later this year.

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