Menstrual Heat Patch - Your loyal Uterus Guard

Menstrual Heat Patch

The main ingredients of Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch are harmless activated carbon, iron powder and high quality non-woven fabric. As same as The Body Warmer, it works in the same way. After contact with the air, the heat patch can continue to release heat up to 15-25 hours.

Working principle of Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch:

Through the far-infrared thermal iron moxibustion of gas sea points, the warm palace production of Kangdi can dredger the meridian, the blood, activate the activity machine of the uterus, promote the normal shrinkage of blood vessels, uterus, accelerate the repair growth of the uterus, effectively alleviate The pain brought about menstruation. At the same time, wear a variety of bacteria to the uterus of the uterus, with the role of warmth, warm palace, relieving pain, and blood. Accelerate the blood circulation and the body micro-circulation system, the balanced hormone secretion, and reduce the chloasma of the face. 

Features of Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch: 

1. Originality: Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch gives full play to the synergy of physical temperature and infrared physiotherapy, which greatly enhances the treatment forces, and greatly improves the treatment effect. It is a major reform and innovation in the history of gynecological disease treatment, with the meaning of the times, Further, after postpartum disease, dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities, the development of palace and cold provides new ideas and methods.

2, High efficiency: 5 minutes begins to heat, 15 minutes can relieve pain, and the product utility is high.

3, Security: Kondys' rigorous, method science, advanced technology, unique utility, stable product quality, do not touch the skin, do not sew clothes, no side effects on the human body. 

Functions Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch: 

It can warm the uterus to protect the Yin, warmth blood, maintain the ovary, promote the contraction function of the uterus, and fully regulate the female reproductive system. Warm Palace can accelerate the repair growth of the uterine organizational, deragement stretch marks, speed up the discharge of postpartum loch, enhance immunity, prevent postpartum abdominal pain, and resist various bacteria to the uterus, with warmth, warm palace , adjust the role of blood and blood. It can also be used for warm outdoor activities. 

Instruction of Kongdy's Menstrual Heat Patch:

1. Clean your skin around the naval (Shen-Que Point) or Guan-Yuan point with a warm towel.

2. Open the individual package and remove the paper covering the magnet slimming patch

3. Apply the patch directly onto your navel or Guan-yuan point.


1. External application only.

2. Please store the place where you can't get dry and your child.

3. Don't always be intimate directly on the skin, such as burns or allergies, please stop using it.

4. All kinds of gynecological surgery and cesarean formula need to be used after the body is restored.

5. Skin is not good, life can't be self-care, please use it.

6. Temperature may go up too high, please pay attention to use it before going to bed.

7. Never try to swallow it.

Henan Kangdi

Henan Kangdi Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Shawn Chen


WhatsApp/Wechat:+86 18336281591/17335210311

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