5 Ways to Use Vetiver Water in Your Beauty Routine

Khas Khas or khus, vetivert, vatiivelu, Bala vala, etc.

Indians were the first to recognize the aromatic, medicinal & environmental importance of vetiver. It’s found growing naturally in tropical climates in India. It is cool in nature.

Vetiver Water Health Benefits:-

Vetiver water act as a very healthy and effective face toner that cols the skin, reduce inflammation, dryness, etc. The nutrient-rich water helps shrink the skin pores, lighten scars/blemishes and even the skin tone. It is suitable for dry & intense dry skin types.

1. Vetiver Water Benefits the Body coolant –

2. Vetiver Herb Water Reduce acidity –

3. Best Antioxidant boost –

4. Vetiver Water Used As Aromatic –

5. Vetiver Water for Skin & hair care –

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