Top gamers and the connection with brand promotion

Top gamers and the connection with brand promotion

Famous gamers can transform the interaction between brands and consumers. We work with brand to connect authentically and unlock the true value of the gaming universe and turn buzz into revenue. Explore our photo galleries featuring the Founder and CEO Joseph Hobbs with famous designers, models, editors, and photographers in fashion.

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We help gamers prepare and make money and become valuable influencers through an exclusive network of high-profile celebrities that enjoy gaming. Through the right know-how and successful strategies, we launch efficient and creative influencer campaigns for our clients for projects ranging from Apps, Games, Websites, Products, and Services. Our connections to top gamers like our friend Richard Tyler Blevins, better known by his online alias Ninja can get the attention of your audience by putting your brand in front of millions. We work with leading international developers, publishers, and influencers while developing tailored influencer marketing strategies based on a game’s unique platform. Our direct relationships with celebrities, content and gaming creators as well as influencers specializing in the fields of fashion & beauty, tech, fitness, lifestyle, and more allow our clients to amplify their games and products to a highly engaged audience. To see Joseph Hobbs (Founder & CEO) with Richard Tyler Blevins, visit this celebrity photo album: See our team member with: GAMING

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