Christmas Challenge Giveaway

Hello Kpop Fans! My name is Melissa! I am starting a giveaway for Christmas. I will be doing challenges in different communities such as Pentagon, Seventeen, Mirae, Stray Kids, Victon, Monsta X, SuperM, EXO, BTS, aespa, NU'EST, SHINee, A.C.E, Got7, and SF9.

Now for the rules! For my giveaway, all you have to do is complete one challenge. It can be in any of the participating communities. It starts 12/20 and ends on 12/25 at midnight. Also please remember to post in correct community. For example, if you are doing BTS challenge, be sure to post in both Kpop and BTS communities. Be sure to tag me in your cards,@MelissaGarza. So I keep up with your progress. Once the challenge is over, I will go through and make sure which challenges are complete. Then I will announce the winner or winners before New Years.

As for prizes, I will be giving away kpop prizes! It can be anything that's related to kpop, such as a kpop album, accessory, poster and so on. The more challenges you complete, the more prizes you can get.

Good Luck everyone! I'll be looking forward to seeing your cards!

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