The Secret Services of a Custom Jeweler

The life of your local custom jeweler may appear from the outside to be a relatively straightforward one; receive a design, produce the piece, and repeat.

Custom Jeweler in Philadelphia

But what of these other services?

What if you are looking for something unique but pre-made? What if you have a piece of your own to sell or trade? What if you are looking for restoration, appraisals, or jewelry repair? And what if you have an old piece that you would like reforming into something new?

Pre-designed, pre-owned, pre-loved

Despite their primary business being the custom design of jewelry for a specific individual, many custom jewelers will stock a range of pre-made, unique pieces that can be bought there and then, with none of the waiting time found with custom made items.

These pieces may have come from a variety of different sources, with certain items even having been designed and created by the jeweler themselves, based on an idea or inspiration they had. On occasion, the jeweler may even have created a piece based purely on a stone they have come across and thought too special to not be incorporated in a beautiful ring or necklace.

Other items in a pre-existing collection may have been bought from or traded in by previous customers, and are of such a high quality that they deserve to remain in the public realm and be appreciated all over again.

No matter its age, all jewelry has a story, and it's not uncommon to find vintage or even antique pieces in the ready to buy collection of a custom jewelers. You can be confident too they will have been given all the love they need to bring them back to their former glory before being placed on sale again.

Repair, appraise, restore

As your local expert for all stages of a piece's life, who better for your jewelry repair than your custom jeweler? Possessing the necessary skills to create jewelry from the bottom up means your custom jeweler is also able to best undertake any repairs or alterations that may unfortunately be necessary from time to time, from replacing a stone, tightening claws, or even resizing.

To help soften the blow should anything untoward happen, insuring your custom jewelry is also a must, and your local custom jeweler can help with your appraisals. While you may expect to have to take your pieces to their office, a good custom jeweler will always offer to come to you, understanding as they do you may be unable or unwilling to transport all of your precious pieces to their location.

For older jewelry that is showing signs of fatigue rather than damage, your custom jeweler can also provide a restoration service. Perhaps the piece has been constantly worn for decades by an old relative, or has been left forgotten in a drawer for a similar length of time. Whatever its history, ask your regular go-to for jewelry repair about restoration. They will more than likely take as much joy in bringing back the sparkle to the piece as you will in seeing the end result.

Re-use, re-cycle, re-set

One reason custom jewelers enter the industry is because they truly care about jewelry, and will do all they can to help as many pieces as possible to look their best and find good homes. Nobody who provides jewelry repair or anywhere else does it purely for the money; it's a real labor of love. For anyone with any unwanted jewelry, this jewelers' desire to give every piece a home offers an opportunity to take them into the shop and have them assessed for sale or trade.

As the jeweler will be able to give informed advice about the nature and value of the piece, and will truly care about more than the monetary value, allowing them to assess your jewelry is favorable to taking it to a pawn or cash for gold shop.

If your jewelry is damaged beyond repair, your jeweler may still want to buy it from you, for the gold to be melted down or the stones removed for use in one of their new pieces.

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