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Sleep Patch

The functions of sleep

First of all, we need to know that sleep can eliminate fatigue, accumulate energy, repair damage, adjust functional status, promote human development, enhance self-resistance so that people can get adequate rest, and it can also protect people's mental health and well-being. Normal physical activity.

Good sleep quality is the guarantee of your health

First, it can improve your memory comprehensively. When you are in deep sleep, your brain will get busy quickly. Repeated exercises strengthen the skills or knowledge you learned when you are awake.

Second, it can bring you more or less longevity. We all know that if a person does not rest for a long time, there is a great risk of sudden death. Women who sleep less than 5 hours a night have a higher mortality rate. In other words, sleep affects our quality. If you sleep better, you will live better.

Third, to defend the first line of defense against disease, the method is very simple: follow the arrangement of the biological clock and go to bed on time!

Changes in the length of sleep

Of course, sleep time changes with age. The younger the age, the longer the sleep time and the more sleep times. Conversely, the older of the age, the shorter the sleep time and the fewer sleep times.

The performance of high quality sleep

Fall asleep fast, you can fall asleep in about 10 minutes; deep sleep, deep breathing, not easy to wake up; can't wake up at night or rarely get up at night, no dreams, can quickly forget dreams after waking up; get up fast, good spirits after waking up; mind during the day sober, efficient and not sleepy.

Kangdi's sleep patchKangdi's sleep patch

sleep patch



Apply to Shenque (belly button) 1 hour before going to bed every night; apply to Yongquan (foot sole) at the same time for severe symptoms; for intractable insomnia, Shenque, Yongquan and Anmian (behind the ears) can be applied. Apply the acupoints at the same time. The application time is 10-24 hours, usually after getting up the next day, it can be taken off, and it can be extended appropriately depending on the symptoms.


1. Remember to remove the transparent film at the core when using it;

2. After sticking to the belly button, press firmly to fill the core of the medicine into the belly button as much as possible;

3. If the effect is not obvious, remove the drug core and squeeze it into a ball shape and stuff it into the belly button, and then stick the paste base to prevent the drug ball from falling out.

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