Viral Emotions

This is such a great article to share with students! A study done at Beihang University in China found that it's how we feel after reading social media that has a lot to do with if we share it. In their study, rage moved readers to share content more quickly, making that content go viral. What I found more interesting is a study done in the US by researchers from the Wharton School of Business. Their results found anger was a good predictor of content going viral, but that awe was the top emotion at getting people to share content. Awe drives us to share, while anger makes us withdraw. When discussing social media with students, get them to share examples they've experienced of angry versus awesome social media. If they wanted to make something go viral, which way would they approach it? Could they find a topic in which anger OR awe could both work? Can they find examples of advertisement imbedded in social media that are awesome or anger-filled? Which would they predict would be more common for advertisers to choose? Have a few examples to share!

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