Austen Spinoffs: Lost in Austen

This is a 4-part mini-series that's also been cut into a movie version, but I'm not entirely sure of if there are any missing elements between the two. The star, Amanda Price, is a late twenties city girl, with a rough family story, slobby boyfriend, and difficult job. Her only relief from this rut is her favorite book, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. One particularly bad night when the boyfriend drunkenly proposes with a pull tab, an angry Amanda hallucinates that she sees P&P’s main character Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom. She gets drunk watching P&P one day, and sees Elizabeth again. A mystery door appears, and Elizabeth tricks her into going in, locking Amanda in her world. Hijinx ensure because without its heroine, P&P cannot progress how it might have otherwise! The entire story keeps changing, but Elizabeth won't come back no matter how hard Amanda bangs on the door. The best thing about Lost in Austen, for me, is that it takes the characters and makes them people. Also, that it asks the question of what would happen if the main character weren’t there, something I can only remember seeing in comic books. Usually with funny results, Amanda bumbles through the storyline because instead of filling Elizabeth’s role she tries to force events to happen, especially setting up Darcy with the absent Elizabeth while feeling guilty about her growing attraction to him. I didn't particularly like Amanda's character, but she grew on me, and I hated the way that Darcy was left incredibly two-dimensional. But, in the end, it was a great story. I definitely recommend watching it if you're a serious Austen fan, or if you have a passing interest in the series!

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