Cycle Club Criticizes Road Race Saboteur

Push pins were thrown onto the course of a road cycling race in Surrey, England last month. Apparently it was ruled as an attempt to sabotage the cycling event. Many participants of the Redhill Cycle Club road race were forced to withdraw from the competition because they all suffered punctures from the push pins. The race organizer, Adrian Webb, was relieved that there were no serious accidents. “This was very serious and hugely dangerous,” he said. “I don’t think the people who did this, probably thinking they were having a laugh, actually thought through the harm that they could have caused. “If you have someone go over those pins at 20 or 25mph in a peloton of 60 cyclists and they come off the bike, the injuries could be serious or even fatal. “I couldn’t believe it when it happened. There were riders just walking their bikes with pins through the wheels.” Tension between motorists and cyclists has been on the rise as of late with the increase of cyclists on the road. Surrey police say they will not tolerate this type of behavior. Last I heard Surrey police are still investigating.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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