Business Class Flights to Calgary

Travel Canada and fly in full style with our business class flights to Calgary - the city famous for its jaw-dropping skyscrapers. Together with your very own personal travel advisor, we focus on finding you the best deals, luxury vacations, and flights to Calgary.

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Things to see in Calgary

Heritage Park Historical Village

Containing everything from steam train rides to wonderfully preserved heritage buildings, this historic village offers a unique insight into Calgary's unique past. It is also the largest living history museum in Canada, with hundreds of fascinating exhibits that provide a wonderful family experience.

Fort Calgary

A unique piece of Canadian history, Fort Calgary was founded in 1878 and is revered as the region's first structure. It is now home to an interactive center that brings this history to life, providing an educational experience that has been elevated above expectation.

Bow River

A defining feature of the area, it is popular for its stunning and strong waterways, a favorite of hikers and cyclists. There is nothing better than taking a romantic walk along this iconic river, which also overlooks the original Fort Calgary structure.

Things to do in Calgary

Take part in the Calgary Stampede

business class flights to Calgary

Banff from Calgary International Airport. take a private transfer to

For those with commercial flights to Calgary, why not take a private transfer from the international airport to Banff? It offers a convenient and cost-effective transfer that enables you to see one of Canada's largest national parks, where courteous drivers will provide a first-class and informative experience.

Visit Nose Hill Park

Canada offers a vast and unique variety of terrain, and no place embodies it quite like Calgary. Rugged and mountainous in equal measure, Nose Hill Park offers a number of challenging hiking routes for ramblers, runners, and cyclists, as well as enabling you to take in some truly unique views of the surrounding scenery.

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