Reasons Why Couples Therapy Doesn’t Work and Find a Specialized Therapist

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Following are some of the reasons why couple therapy doesn’t work.

1. Individual Therapy

At times, our mental health and life-related issues hinder our ability to deal with relationships. People tend to approach couple therapists believing that it is their relationship and partner drowning in problems. The reality is that most of these people require individual support, which has a positive effect on the relationship in the long run.   

2. Lack of Efforts

Relationship counseling is a mirror reflection of the quote stating practice makes perfect. Couples are often under an impression that visiting a therapist will solve their problems. However, the couples shall put in efforts and imply whatever they have been taught by the therapist in daily life.

3. Not Approaching Specialized Therapists

Choosing the right therapist with relevant education, experience, and expertise is as important as the therapy itself. Consulting the wrong therapist further aggravates the relationship issues often having detrimental outcomes. 

4. Dishonesty and Conflict of Statement

Just the way doctors might prescribe the wrong drug if the patients aren’t honest and compliant, falsification and dishonesty in relationship counseling may yield wrong relationship advice. Transparency and honesty are integral to couple therapy, one shouldn’t be worried about being judged while talking about themselves and their relationship.

5. Partners Have Different Goals

Overlapping of goals and perspective towards life give a common direction to the relationship and also forms the basis of the treatment plan in relationship therapy. When the couples fail to achieve this, it becomes very difficult to carry on with the relationship.

While opting for relationship counseling, one should be mindful of the positive and negative factors that influence a relationship as well as therapy outcomes. 

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