Mint Academy - 양방언 feat.금난새

피아노+오케스트라 조합!!!!!!!!! 이름도 상큼하고. 기분전환곡으로 최고! 양방언 컬렉션 만들어야징 ----- YouTube remake:: <Mint Academy> Piano : 양방언 Yang Bang-Ean Korean Festival Orchestra (Conductor : 금난새 Gum Nan-Sae) 22nd,OCT,2011. KBS Music Hall, Seoul Korea. Trivia : Yang Bang-Ean, He is a very much famous composer & pianist in Korea. His works often used to Korean Drama OST. ========================================­==== ▶ Let's Listen Symphony & Piano Concerto COLLECTION ========================================­====

빠른 피아노곡만 듣지 말라네요 마음만 급해진다고 흡
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