Top 100 K-Pop Songs for July 2014 Week 3

게시일: 2014. 7. 21. Here's my top 100 K-Pop Songs chart for July 2014 Week 3 (week ending July 19, 2014). Based on my personal preferences with some influence from the weekly music shows and sales charts. Can 100% hold on to Number 1 for 2 weeks with "U Beauty" or will Beast reclaim the top spot? Watch and find out! A little slower than normal week in terms of debuts... only 14 this week. But there's a lot of movement on the chart. This week features comebacks from B1A4, Girl's Day, Eddy Kim, Dynaic Duo and Skull. Also hot debuts from Jeon Minju & Kim Yuna, Parc Jae Jung and Lucky J. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe if you like these. I do try to read all of your comments and respond as I can.

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