It all started with a call on a Wednesday morning from a friend asking me what went wrong at home to which I replied nothing.Little did i know that a mishap had occurred the previous day at home and alas you were gone. The memories of our last discussion about my academics amongst other things flooded my mind.I prayed that the call i just received from your son was false.I quickly made a call to another of ours who rebuked your death. Indeed,an ugly and difficult reality dawned on me when i saw your body being moved towards a hole that was dug earlier.And i kept on asking myself,"is this the end?,"why is life so short?,"why do we have to live just to die again?.These questions still remain unanswered, and who knows they may never be answered. It's been 2years and 6 days today and your clothes are still in your wardrobe,your certificates are in the drawer and your shoes are on the rack. Your death taught me to always live every second as if it were the last.And also the ability to mark an impact on people's life.I now strive to be more intentional in my doings as the next minute isn't guaranteed. With love from your Niece...

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