ROGIA - Termignoni (국내발매) [디스커버리 뮤직]

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질주의 본능을 자극하는 로지아 ROGIA의 신곡 ‘Termignoni’ 이 국내 음원사이트에 발매되었습니다. 게이밍 음악, 하드코어 / 하드댄스 음악의 팬이라면 꼭 들어보시길 바랍니다.

국내 이디엠 프로듀서들의 데모를 받습니다. 으로 보내주세요.

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Edit DJ/producer Flash Finger presented his very own imprint Discovery Music in 2013. Next to Flash Finger’s own tracks and collaborations, Discovery Music will also release tracks that fit the versatile sound of the label, whether that be electro house, progressive house, bass house, indie dance / nu disco or electro influenced. E-mail us at The DJMAX PORTABLE patron 'Mr.Funky' wanted the freedom to distribute his music without the hassle or need of a big demanding label. So, he started Discovery Music as a label where he is in complete control. Co-distribution by Mirrorball (Korean physical / digital only) & WSR Trax. A little info on WSR: Starting as a Indie Dance party brand in 2009, WSR TRAX transforms as an Electronic Music Label with the young blood DJs and producers. And a HUGE & SPECIAL thanks to V-Ent & PartyLuv!
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