Twenty Small Business Ideas Up to 5 Lakh

Lacking capital will not stop your dream to be a business person. There are a number of small business models that can be started with the least investment and where profitability percentage is also more. You can then expand your business to a large scale.

A business model is a structure that defines the visibility of the business and also defines its aspects, who is serving it, what the business is offering, what are goals of it, how it is fulfilling the demand of its target customers.

Small business models are those business structures where the estimated investment generallly do not touch a big limit, which means they can be started with a least affordable range of investment and also, whose demand and profitability ratio is also effective. Here are these 20 small business models with investment costs up to 5 lacs.

1. Plant Nursery

This plant nursery business can be started with a small investment. It is a facility to grow plants to trier stage of life. Generally does not require big machinery it is one of the profitable business one can start.

2. Non woven bag

Manufacturing of carry bags made out of non woven fabric can be started with small scale, is one of the lucrative and demanding businesses

3. Bee keeping and processing

Bee farming in wooden bee Hives for honey extraction is one of the profitable and demanding business can be started on small scale with an investment upto 2-3 lacs.

4. Bakery

Bakery products remains in a ceasless demand. this business can be started on both small and large scale. On small scale investment range lies in a certain limit.

5. Printing tshirts and mobile cover

One of the most emerging business can be started with a very small scale. With the help of 2-3 basic machines business can be started.

6. Soya Milk

Soya milk is a beverage rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. The business installation is affordable and one of the lucrative business.

7. Agarbatti

Manufacturing of commonly used item in worship “agarbatti” can be started with a short investment. Profitability rate of this business is quite good.

8. Shampoo and handwash

These basic hygiene products used in daily life has a high demand and this manufacturing business can be started on small scale with a affordable range of investment.

9. Candles

With only required raw material, candles manufacturing business is one of the profitable small business model.

10. Rooftop Farming

It is the source of commercial farming can be started with the roof space of house.

11. Tea bags

Tea bags are frequently used to make instant tea is a lucrative business can be started with a low investment.

12. Disposable plates

These are “use and throw plates” commonly used in functions, parties, restaurants, and dhabas. This manufacturing business can be easily started on a small scale.

13. Disposable cups and glasses

Disposable cups and glasses manufacturing business is one of the profitable business

14. Soap

Soaps are a basic hygiene product used in every home. this business can be initiated on a small scale with an affordable estimated investment.

15. Food trucks

These are mobile food vending shops can becomes under lucrative business.

16. Aluminium foil containers

This business can be initiated on a small scale. aluminum foils are most frequently used by food vendors.

17. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom is the most favorite dish of Indians. Farming of mushrooms can be started with low investment.

18. Vermicompost from cow dung

Cow dung is a versatile by-product used in manufacturing useful field essentials.

19. Spice, herbs, and allied products

Spices are everyday used kitchen commodities. A small-scale business with a good profit return.

20. Puja Kit

Worship materials used in homes can be easily initiated on small scale.

For starting any small-scale business, a project report is required to understand the necessities of the business to make it lucrative and long-lasting.

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