How do You Use a Zebra Label Printer?

Setting up a Zebra Printer on Your Windows

Zebra printer is one of the best printers to use with your windows or mobile device. Once you get the Zebra printer, many users are often confused in their setup process. Therefore you can set up the Zebra label printer and use it on your device to print the beautiful hard copy of your documents. You can read the information given below and connect the printer to your windows.

Install the Zebra Driver:

When you are using the Windows machine, you need to install the Zebra driver, which detects any problem in the printer. You need to download the driver from the Zebra website as per the version of your windows and install it on your device.

Set up the Zebra Printer

You can set up the printer after installing the driver by doing the below steps:

1. You are required to turn on the Zebra label printer and connect it with your computer using the power USB cord.

2. Then, you need to open your device's settings and go to the printers and scanners option.

3. With this, your windows will automatically detect the Zebra printer displayed on the printers and scanner option.

4. You need to select the given Zebra printer and rename the printer accordingly.

5. With this, you can set the Zebra label printer as your default printer and start printing the documents correctly.

how do I setup my Zebra printer
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