Tips for your Successful UK Spouse Visa Application

The below composition is intended to give precious guidance for applicants of the UK Spouse Visa, and has been re-edited with all the rearmost updates in Spouse Visa Application conditions over the last 2 times. 

Spouse Visa

Then are some of the top 10 tips that aspirants can use for meeting the Spouse Visa UK conditions to join their family living permanently in the UK. 

Cross check if you have applied for and entered the correct documents at the time of completing the operation. These generally include the UK NARIC instruments, TB test results (TB test results are valid for 6 months) or IELTS Test report. 

For UK NARIC, you may give a UK address enabling briskly processing of your documents. 

Take screenshots of WhatsApp calls, FaceTime calls if call logs aren't available. 

Still, don't forget to give restatements from authorized translators, If any of your documents are in a language other than English. 

Make sure that all the fiscal information you give are harmonious ( Payment slips, duty returns, bank statements) 

When submitting degree instruments to show how you meet the English language demand – make sure you submit the original degree instrument and mark wastes. 

Be ready to give correct and specific information about your operation should there be any enquiry or fresh checks by the UKVI. 

Make sure that your credit cards and/ or disbenefit cards have acceptable limits to reuse the large quantities for visa freights, Immigration Health Surcharge, precedence processing freights and other value added services 

Don’t forget to check the VFS India Homepage to see daily processing times. 

Once you have submitted your operation and are staying for an outgrowth, you can also use the UKVI‘ communicate us’ runner to submit a request for tracking the status of your operation (please note that this is a for- figure service). 

Just stick to the tips over, take applicable help from a professional as and when needed, and you should have no trouble with your UK Spouse Visa operation. 

Some questions you might have in your mind 

1) Can you work on a UK Spouse Visa? 

Yes you can. However, also you're free to work in the UK without any restrictions during the validity period of your visa, If you're abiding the UK on a conjugal visa. 

2) Which IELTS do you bear? 

There are two distinct orders of IELTS examinations the IELTS and the IELTS Life Chops. For a UK Spouse visa, you would be needed to take an IELTS Life Chops with a CEFR position A1. Insure that you're taking the Secure English Test (UKVI SELT) To understand what these words mean

Most applicants find UK Immigration law to be complex and find it difficult to keep a track of the frequent changes. You may choose to have your application prepared by professionals to ensure it has the best possible chance of success, avoid delays or losing Government fees if your application is refused.

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