When we think about a 2-wheeler, we usually think of sturdy bikes or scooters. A 2-wheeler is the most common means of transport and is the most in-demand also. In a 2-wheeler, you can reach your destination quickly without worrying about the terrible traffic. Now, you would have thought of how are you going to buy the bike you always wanted? Either you drain out all your savings at once, or you take a two-wheeler loan.

Muthoot Fincorp


For people who are taking a loan for the first time, there are some essential phrases you need to know that you will hear from the lender:

Loan amount



Loan Tenure

Repayment Capacity

Processing Fees


● You should be 21 years or above (18 years if you go for Muthoot Fincorp)

● You should be salaried or self-employed.

● You should have at least one year of experience in your job.

● The annual income should be approx. 96,000 for working professionals and 1,20,000 for a self-employed person


The borrower is required to submit some documents as per the RBI guidelines. These documents are:

● Any proof of residence

● Identity proof

● Income proof

● In the case of an asset-based loan- proof of the asset

● Passport size photos

Steps to Apply for a 2-Wheeler loan

Select the loan type

Choose the type of loan that best suits you, as asset or non-asset based. For asset-based, you need to submit proof of your assets, such as land or building. Muthoot Fincorp has branches all over India, so you don't have to walk across cities. If you apply online at Muthoot Blue, then you don't have to wait in long queues for documentation. The staff will be sent to your doorsteps for all the formalities.

Check your loan eligibility.

As stated earlier in the article, there are some eligibility criteria that the borrower needs to satisfy to get the loan. You can go to the Muthoot Fincorp Blue Chip to check your eligibility and conform to your loan eligibility, or else visit the nearest Muthoot Fincorp branch and ask for loan service.

Calculate 2-Wheeler Loan EMI

The lender/bank's staff will assist you in the loan process and tell you how much EMI you should pay, depending on your salary and the duration of the loan. With the inbuilt EMI calculator at the Muthoot Fincorp official site, you can calculate the EMI of your loan amount, how much loan you want, and for what duration at the bank's mentioned interest rate. It will help you have a proper understanding of how much your EMI is going to be and plan accordingly.

Apply and Submit Documents

After doing all your research work and agreeing to all the terms, getting the bank's approval, applying for the loan, and submitting all the necessary documents, if you apply online at Muthoot Fincorp your loan will be sanctioned within 15 minutes.


Muthoot Fincorp has the easiest and hassle-free process of the documentation process. It would help if you did proper research from which bank you are going to take the loan and do your homework accordingly. Buying the bike of your dreams has been made easy with the help of Muthoot Fincorp.

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