A Review About Indian Hospitals

Review About Indian Hospitals.covered several Indian hospitals

What do you think about the Indian hospital system, the World’s second-largest country with billions of people and millions of hospitals? Have you shared your hospital experience before?


Why the hospitals’ reviews are too low.

Mentality: Yes, if we write our experience, these hospitals are not accepting or admitting. People have lots of fear because survival is the most challenged in this era. Next time don’t forget to share your experience because your review helps lots of people and the system also.

Public Hospitals: known as (Govt. Hospitals)

These hospitals called (Govt. Hospital) in local language they have the various name of big symbols of freedom fighters or politician name, public hospitals make an important role in the Indian healthcare system because charges are minimum, they make a big role in India rural and urban area where hospitals are very far from people. Indian govt focus on their healthcare system makes more strong after the covid pandemic.

How to clear the bonding between patient and doctor.

India where the doctor is the second god who saves your and sometimes your family. Due to few doctors and lots of patients, sometimes doctors are also going to stress. They are also human they need proper time to check the patient. on average, a doctor needs 15 minutes to check patient(EU&USA) but in India doctor has only 5 minute time to check their patient because the list of the patient is too long so they have less time. Sometimes patient can’t express their problem properly this is causing big mistakes. Next time you visit the doctor, please describe your problem is frequently.https://www.katibati.com/a-review-about-indian-hospitals/

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