Where Baby Hope: IUI vs IVF

doubt related to IUI vs IVFshare which technology is best for you to get a babyget a baby at any age

After marriage, every couple dreams of becoming parents where they start a new generation where baby hopes coming, many couples have successfully blessed baby and the other hand many couples facing an issue of not conceiving. this is a very hard challenge where if you didn’t get pregnant, a couple lost their hope and getting frustrated took many visits to doctor’s appointments. before knowing more, we need age and other gaps to determine this.

What we need to check first, Where some things you have missed.

Most couples are not aware of what useful way to get pregnant. Even try first with your body, If you are Male then check your SEMEN report and check your Mortality, If you are female then you need to check your Cycle date also Egg release on time and how much egg your body produced, you can check this with Follicular Test where Egg growth is monitored.

For conceiving pregnancy Male partner has a minimum semen analysis

Sperm Count(Millions/ML) – 16M/ml

Total Sperm Count(Millions) – 39M/Ejaculate

Total Motility %- – 42%

A- Aggressive Motility – 30%(Most Important)

Female Partner-  Female partners will need to do their Follicular test and monitor egg sizes.

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