Rex Ryan Loses Weight Big Time Two Years after his Lap Band Surgery

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The bubbling and talkative Rex Ryan, coach for the New York Jets is now happy with her weight loss more than ever. Although it has been already a couple of years since his lap band surgery, he is more open to talking about it now. Now that it has proved to be effective and has helped him lose 106 pounds.

How did a Lap Band Surgery Helped Rex Ryan Lose Weight?

Lap band surgery


Contrary to what you may think, your surgeon will only make small incisions for a camera and tools to go through your stomach. With the aid of the camera, your doctor will then place a band or a ring on the upper part of your stomach. A small tube is attached to that ring, and that tube has a port that your surgeon under the skin can access. That port is where your surgeon will make the necessary adjustments in the following 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

The band placed around your stomach is not immediately tightened during the surgery. Your surgeon will add some saline in that tube to tighten the band and siphon saline there if the band needs to be loosened. Weight loss with lap band surgery is a slow but steady journey to successful weight loss.

Pain relievers will be on top of your list to help you cope with any discomfort and aches after the surgery. For the first couple of weeks after the surgery, you are actually encouraged to move around and about slowly to help you heal faster. You also need to have a steady supply of water in your system, so sipping water throughout the day is very important. Just sipping so as not to shock your stomach.

Your diet will also be mostly liquid and soft, and in time, you can eventually incorporate solid food in your diet. You will benefit a lot by having a nutritionist or dieticians helping you plan your diet right after surgery. You will lose weight, but remember that you need proper nutrients to really make this surgery a successful one.

Your surgeon will add saline solution within the first year to make your stomach smaller. Now this needs to be done with proper balance, because your stomach should just be in the right size – so you don’t throw up at all. And tightening this band will help reduce your stomach’s capacity, as well as the amount of time your food gets processed in your digestive system.

Rex Ryan’s Lap Band procedure was a success. This kind of surgery does not help remove any adipose tissue, but helps you eat less; thus helping you lose weight steadily. However, the lap band surgery is not for everyone, there is a certain criteria’s that need to be met before getting an approval from your doctor.

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