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Sikh wedding ceremony

The Anand Karaj, Sikh Wedding ceremony is a celebration that honours both age-old traditions and personal choice. Many aspects of the wedding ceremony carry out different traditions focused on the personal interactions between close family members, whereas the reception and other cultural events welcome the newly formed bond between the newlyweds.



The Sikh culture holds both family ties and marriage in high regard and there’s much to know about their wedding ceremonies.

I hope the article has helped you delve a bit deeper into the many rituals and traditions performed during a Sikh Wedding Ceremony. I hope the article has helped you to appreciate their rich culture more than before. Thanks for reading.


With a vast experience in Sikh Wedding Photography, Asian Wedding Photography London it ensures when we are photographing a Sikh Wedding/ Punjabi wedding we will document all the sacred rituals that are important to the wedding ceremony and the family of the couple.

So if you are looking for a Sikh wedding photographer we cover some of the most prestigious Sikh weddings in the UK at Havelock Road Gurdwara, Aliceway Gurdwara and Gravesend Gurdwara. We do cover other areas such as London, Birmingham & Leicester.

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