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Steel tubing is essential in today's industry. Steel tubes could be as large as being an oil pipeline or as low as a hypodermic needle, and they come in a selection of forms, shapes, and sizes. Steel is very essential in producing steel tubes and piping, making it an important building element in practically every industry today.

Steel Tubing and Piping Fundamentals

stainless-steel seamless tubing

• Welded tubing/piping (for heavy applications)

• Seamless tubing/piping (for lightweight applications)

Welded tubing is generally cheaper than seamless tubing ever since the manufacturing process for welded tubing is a lot easier. The decision between welded and seamless tubes is generally depending on a person's application needs. When deciding involving the two, keep in mind that the tubing must first conform to any project criteria and, second, it must withstand the conditions that it will probably be utilized. Through the 2 main categories, steel tubing and piping is categorized in several types depending on these factors:

• Chemical composition

• Pressure

• Flexibility

• Strength

• Designs: classic circular, square cross-sections, as well as others

• Augmentation: threading, oil, zinc coatings, and other finishing treatments that can make tubes and pipes more functional.

• Additional requirements in line with the project.

Welded Steel Tubing

Welded steel tubing is popularly found in the technology and craft of welding. Welded steel tube manufacturers mainly produce 2 forms of welded steel types that are Electric resistance welded steel tubes (ERW) and spiral welded steel pipes. These could be further separated into other types according to:

• Welding Methods: Arc welded, high- or low-frequency electric resistance, gas welded, furnace welded etc.

• Content of carbon and steel: Mild steel and carbon steel

• Surface Treatments: Zinc plating and black coating at first glance

Manufacturing Technique of Welded Steel Tubes

Welded steel tube manufacturers

Why Opt For Welded steel Tubing?

Welded steel tubing shines for the following reasons, as outlined by all welded steel tube manufacturers:

• High precision, uniform wall thickness, and high inner and outside surface brightness.

• Lightweight: Due to the smaller weight of the welded steel tube, it is only 1/5 the load of square steel.

• High corrosion resistance, including acid, alkali, salt, and air corrosion.

• High-temperature resistance, along with strong impact and fatigue resistance.

• Excellent mechanical characteristics

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