JIBO - The World's First "Family" Robot

The creaters of JIBO want to humanize technology. JIBO is a cute robot that is said to be friendly, helpful, and intelligent. It's able to listen and respond, alert you, take pictures & video, entertain you, educate you, and more -- all with artificial intelligence algorithms. The robot platform allows it to learn and grow...becoming more intelligent. Am I the only one who thinks this is terrifying? Why would I pay $500 + to have my privacy taken away? Yeah JIBO might look cute like EVE from the Wall-E film, but I would not put this in my home. *shudder* What do you think? Do you think humanizing technology is okay? Will computers and humans ever be equals? (Source: http://www.myjibo.com/)

I love learning about technology and how it's changing the world.
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