Bangles at a Wedding

A wedding is a happy occasion for everyone involved. Naturally, it is one of the best days for the bride and the groom. It is a day where two families exchange with one another everything ranging from humble footwear to a luxurious car. All relations are called upon to share the joyous occasion with gifts in the form of dresses, cosmetics, sweets, chocolates, and Bangles.

While people may not notice each others' bangles at first sight at a wedding, one will definitely notice the absence of them irrespective of whichever family it is. Bangles do have such authority and command the respect that no other accessory demands. Due to their special ability to attract attention, they are often adorned in the hands of the bride. Their ability to cause a tingling and yet soothing sound while they clash against each other is definitely a piece of music to anyone's ears.

At an Indian wedding, the bangles come to the forefront in terms of significance and importance depending on the culture & customs being followed by different families. In some forms, the color of the bangle is of utmost importance while in others, it is the quantity that is of greatest significance. As our fashion sense matures, our ability to imagine and be creative with bangles has become limitless. Today, bangles have become more colorful, attractive, durable and sometimes, jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

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