Get high-level security with the best access control system in India

access control system in India

The need for advanced security systems is a consequence of increased criminal activities, illegal immigration, and operational fraud. Therefore, people are looking forward to investing in access control systems that provide high levels of protection and allow building automation in all sectors. The Indian access control market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% during 2021-2026. It gives an idea about the preference of the Indian audience in implementing the high-tech security systems in their premises for all-round security. The access control systems satisfactorily offset this need by recognizing, authenticating, and authorizing the entry and exit of a person entering into the office, residence, or any other space.

Why choose access control systems over any other security device?

The risk of security threats is constantly rising in industries. The implementation of advanced security systems in facilities is mandatory. It helps people to powerfully fight against such threats. The outdated security devices cannot deliver the highest level of protection to personnel as they have several flaws and limitations, especially when the size of the facility gets bigger. In comparison to them, an access control system is a better option. It allows those people in a particular space only when they have the access card.

With the use of electronic access control systems, people can overcome the setbacks of outdated security devices and ensure the highest security at all times. Gaining control over operations and people entering the premises becomes much easier with this high-tech security device. It manages:

1. Employee tracking

The management can authorize and track the movement of employees in the office premises with the access control system. By simply swapping the access card in the electronic system, the employees can validate their identification and enter the office building hassle-free. In this way, the offices can ensure the entry and tracking of only authorized employees.

2. Protection of sensitive data

The unauthorized people can disrupt the operations if they get access to the sensitive data. Therefore, facilities need to ensure the entry of only allowed personnel into the restricted area. With this advanced security system, industries can protect sensitive data by giving limited access to personnel.

3. Minimize risk of security threat

The risk of robbery, theft, disrupted operations, and crime rates are even more when the facilities don’t have a high-tech security device. It has the ability to identify and detect illegal activities in the facilities. The access control system minimizes the risk of security threats and accidents in the workplace and residents. It will not allow the individuals to enter the building if they do not have access cards.

It also shows the insights of who’s accessed where and when. If any discrepancy happens, it becomes easy to identify who’s involved. With access control systems, people can easily manage:

Who got the access?

At what time do they get the access?

In which conditions do they get access?

How to choose the best access control system in India?

For optimum security and efficiency, the quality of the device matters a lot. The best access control systems have the ability to integrate with other systems and can link everything together. To make the right choice, consider these factors:

1. Security demands

The security demand of every industry varies. Every facility will have different needs in access controls. The reason is the varied nature of operations. Analyzing the security demands of facilities is crucial.

2. Cost

There are some progressive developments in security systems, especially in access controls. They are available from the most expensive to affordable ones. If the concern is to achieve the highest level of security, the cost should not be a bothering part. The most advanced access control system should be given preference.

3. Accessibility

Not everyone is tech-savvy to operate advanced access controls. It’s important to make sure that it is user-friendly and doesn’t demand unnecessary efforts for maintenance. Considering the accessibility of the device is also crucial.

4. Privacy settings

Ensuring the privacy features in access controls also matters a lot. Users have their own set of demands when it comes to ensuring security. Some need high-end or end-to-end encrypted security. On the other hand, some want to ensure the basic level of security. Therefore, privacy settings need to be considered in access control systems.

Choose ALSOK to get the best access control system in India

The performance of access controls is guaranteed when people choose the right service providers that give importance to the quality of the device. ALSOK is one of them! After serving India as a security consultant, we have expanded our footprint by offering high-tech security devices and other related services.

With the motive of maximizing the performance of the equipment, we make sure that the access control system can be used at its best capacity for a long time. Our focus is not only to sell the equipment but to successfully install it. As a result, our consumers can ensure the highest level of security in facilities.

Our access control systems can be opened and closed by a non-contact type card reader or fingerprint scan operation that carries out the registration of people according to an access authority level. Whether it is an office, factory, residence, or any other infrastructural space, it can be easily used to ensure the highest level of security.

ALSOK offset the rising demand for high-tech surveillance devices by offering the best access control system in India. Its installation in the facilities can fulfill the security concerns of the users smartly!

ALSOK journey in India started in 2013 as a security consultant. It provides various facilities like integrated facility management services, recruitment services, CCTV cameras, access control & time attendance system, other security equipment, and many other services.
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