Will your bike helmet actually save your life?

Sports medicine has gained a much deeper understanding of head injuries in the last 20 years, however, protective gear has not kept pace. This fact is especially true for cycling helmets. Bike helmets are designed to protect against catastrophe. Your helmet will save you from skull fractures, lacerations and contusions on the brain. Unfortunately, your bike helmet does little to protect against concussions. When a cyclist falls with enough force, the brain may undergo what scientists call rotational or angular acceleration. "The evidence from science is that [a] concussion is more related to rotational acceleration, which in laymen's terms is really a jiggle of the brain. It's like the movement of Jell-O in a bowl when you jiggle it," Tator explains. This rotational acceleration, or jello jiggle, can cause cellular damage to the brain which may affect neurons and their connectors. While this seems like a pressing issue with the rising number of cyclists on the road, cycling companies refuse to make a concussion preventing helmet because of the low mandatory standards. Even if we wanted to change this mandatory, even the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner Robert Adler described it as "almost impossible." Click on the link to read more about possible solutions.

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