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As for manifestations of subtle craftsmanship, Persian rugs are designed to resist the check of time. The first written point out of Persian rugs dates lower back nearly 2,500 years, while Greek writer Xenophon defined them as valuable sufficient to function as diplomatic gifts. Perhaps the Persian rug that struck you is prized for the peasant roots of the nomadic tribes responsible for its weaving. Or perhaps you're interested in a rug with greater complicated shadeation palettes and finer threads, common of the paintings of professional village weavers. Regardless, possibilities are there may be a rug so one can uniquely beautify the beauty of your interior.

How to Choose a Persian Rug?

Come and discover and pass on to your home the authenticity of ECARPETGALLERY Persian rugs. With over one hundred one of a kind Persian rug collections to browse, we provide the most important choice of new, tribal, vintage, and conventional Persian rugs in Canada. Our popular collections cover a number of sizes and dimensions ranging from 2' x 3' to 13' x 22' as well as runners up to 30' long. If you're seeking out a completely unique sized rug and cannot locate it on our website, please do now no longer hesitate to touch us. We will use our high quality to find the right hand-knotted rug for you.

The best-selling collections of Persian rugs Persian Kashan Rugs:

Persian Kashan rugs

Persian Bakhtiari Rugs:

Full of man or woman and incredibly decorative, Persian Bakhtiari rugs are prized for his or her excessive knot matter and dense weave. Set off from an impressive deep purple field, the Persian Bakhtiari rug both showcases a white middle medallion with a medley of motifs or presentations a four-season lawn panel display. A kind of Persian flowers, flowers, boteh, and tree of existence patterns are strategically placed in a square compartmentalized field. Built to last, this vintage rug is funded to help it stand the test of time.

Hamadan Persian Rugs:

For over 20 years, ECARPETGALLERY has been Canada's largest importer of Persian rugs in the Hamadan region. Handwoven inside the Iranian province of Hamadan, those medium sized rugs characteristic a diamond central medallion with serrated edges surrounded by an integral trellis. If you are looking for a real tribal rug, this one is one of a kind, look for the Persian Hamadan series from ECARPETGALLERY.

Persian Style Mat:

Our Persian style carpet series works a series of tribal portions that are woven in Iran's neighboring Turkish villages. The designs and hues of those rugs are closely stimulated via way of means of Persian rug-weaving techniques.

Safety Persian Rug:

We strongly recommend that you purchase a non-slip mat under your Persian rug. A rug pad is a smooth and less expensive manner to keep away from any destabilizing slippage, gradual down any put on and tear, and shield your homemade Persian rug from moisture and dust, even as protective each your Persian rug and ground from discoloration.

Maintain a Persian rug:

Collectors of vintage Persian homemade rugs apprehend that right care and ordinary preservation preserves or even appreciate the fee in their funding. One manner to make certain that your homemade rug is a while like an excellent wine and turns into your own circle of relatives heirloom is to rotate the rug sometimes in order that its hues can also additionally mature gracefully in all light conditions. Regular vacuuming of your carpet will prevent dust and dirt from gradually crushing its precious pile.

Persian Rugs to the Rescue:

Our main warehouse and logistics center is located in Montreal, Canada for this reason that we are able to fulfill any Persian rug order within 24 to forty eight hours. Customers positioned in Montreal, Ottawa, Richmond and Toronto can assume to get hold of their Persian rug as quickly as the subsequent day, even as orders shipped to Edmonton and Calgary might be introduced inside 2 to three commercial enterprise days. Customers ordering from the West Coast of Canada as well as Vancouver and Victoria can expect to receive their order within four days. If you want to request a delivery estimate to your Persian region rug in Canada, please do now no longer hesitate to attain out to one of all our customer support agents.

Persian Carpet Sales:

Every month a handful of carpets from the Persian region are selected and delivered to our clearance region carpet series. We believe that a Persian rug can find its place in any home environment as its treatment and arrangement are very versatile. Persian rugs are not an object, so one can often be dismissed, as they are immortal parts that are normally already over 30 years old. We consider less costly luxuries. In this approach, we carefully source and store Persian rugs from our artisan employees and bring them to your door without a markup. Not but located what you had been seeking out? Try browsing our vintage rugs of all new and vintage rugs in the area for a greater vintage look and feel. If you are particularly interested in earth tones, remember our homemade rugs featured in our Ghazni rugs. Or, in case you are moved via way of means of multitudes of colorful intricacies which are embedded inside hypnotic geometries, go to our Serapi rug series.

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