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You have an on-premises SAP NetWeaver deployment that uses Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

You need to migrate the deployment to an Azure virtual machine that runs Windows Server 2016 and has Microsoft SQL Server 2019 installed.

Which migration method should you use?

A.heterogeneous SAP classical migration

B.classical SAP Database Migration Option (DMO)


D.Azure Migrate

Answer: B


You plan to deploy an SAP production landscape that uses SAP HANA databases on Azure.

You need to configure the storage infrastructure to support the SAP HANA deployment.

The solution must meet the SAP issued requirements for data throughput and I/O.

How should you configure the storage?





Answer: B


You plan to automate a deployment of SAP NetWeave on Azure virtual machines by using Azure Resource Manager templates. The database tier will consist of two instances of an Azure Marketplace Microsoft SQL Server 2017 virtual machine image that each has 8 TB of RAM.

Which task should you include in the templates used to deploy the SQL Server virtual machines?

A.Enable buffer pool extensions in SQL Server.

B.Enable read caching on the disks used to store the SQL Server database log files.

C.Run the SQL Server setup and specify the /ACTION=REBUILDDATABASE and /SQLCOLLATION switches.

D.Run the SQL Server setup and specify the /ACTION-INSTALL and /SQLMAXMEMORY switches.

Answer: D


Hotspot Question

You plan to deploy a scale-out SAP HANA deployment on Azure virtual machines that will contain a standby node.

You need to recommend a storage solution for the deployment.

What should you recommend? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point



You have an on-premises deployment of SAP on DB2.

You plan to migrate the deployment to Azure and Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

What should you use to migrate the deployment?

A.SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)

B.Azure SQL Data Sync



Answer: A


You have an Azure subscription. The subscription contains a virtual machine named VM1 that runs SAP HANA and a user named User1. User1 is assigned the Virtual Machine Contributor role of VM1. You need to prevent User1 from placing VM1 in the Stopped (deallocated) state. User1 must be able to restart the operating system on VM1.

What should you do?

A.Assign an Azure Policy definition to the resource group that contains VM1.

B.Create a resource lock on VM1.

C.Configure the Desired State Configuration (DSC) extension on VM1.

D.Assign User1 the Virtual Machine User Login rote for VM1.

Answer: C


You have an on-premises SAP production landscape.

You plan to migrate to SAP on Azure.

You need to generate an SAP Early Watch Alert report.

What should you use?

A.Azure Advisor

B.SAP HANA Cockpit

C.SAP Software Provisioning Manager

D.SAP Solution Manager

Answer: D


Hotspot Question

You have an existing on-premises SAP landscape that is hosted on VMware VSphere.

You plan to migrate the landscape to Azure.

You configure the Azure Site Recovery replication policy shown in the following exhibit.

What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.



You plan to deploy an SAP production landscape on Azure. You need to minimize latency between SAP HANA database servers and SAP NetWeaver servers.

What should you implement?

A.Azure Private Link

B.an Availability Set

C.a proximity placement group

D.a virtual machine scale set

Answer: C


Hotspot Question

You are planning an SAP NetWeaver deployment on Azure. The database her will consist of Two Azure virtual machines that have Microsoft SQL Server 2017 installed. Each virtual machine will be deployed to a separate availability zone.

You need to perform the following:

- Minimize network latency between the virtual machines.

- Measure network latency between the virtual machines.

To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.



You have an SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances) deployment.

You need to generate hearth check log files for the Deployment.

What should you do?

A.From a SSH session on the HANA Large instance node.

Run/var/waagent/Microsoft.AzureCAT.AzureEnhancedMonitoring.MonitorX64Linux-1.0.082/AzuredMonitoring ­monitoring.

B.From the Azure portal, select New support request.

C.From A SSH session on the HANA large instances node, run/opt/sgi/health_check/microsoft_tdi- sh.

D.From the Azure portal, select Diagnose and solve problems.

Answer: C


You deploy an SAP landscape on Azure.

You plan to use an Azure Automation account to stop the SAP virtual machines outside of business hours.

You need to ensure that you can use Azure Automation runbook a for the virtual machines.

What does the Azure Automation account require?

A.an Azure Storage account

B.an Azure App Service WebJob

C.a Recovery Services vault

D.a Run As account

Answer: B

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