Seven The Series

This series is incredibly popular with my 8th grade boys. I had just put them on display, after ordering on the recommendation of another librarian, when one of my hard to please readers came in. "I have to get a book," he told me, "And I have a week to read it." I pointed to the series, he grabbed one and left. I've known him since 1st grade, and he'd never enjoyed a book he read in school. He came back three days later, and I started my mental scan of what I had that would be short enough for him to plow through before his teacher's deadline. Instead, he asked, "Where are the rest of these?" He ended up reading all seven, checking out the final one the last week of school--when there was no assignment! No required reading! He also sold them to other boys in his reading class. For most of them, these were the first books they checked out voluntarily. The premise? One grandfather, who leaves seven tasks for his seven grandsons. Seven authors, too! The books don't need to be read in order, and each one is packed with adventures around the world. The covers will grab different kids--this boy went for Ink Me, while another liked the motorbike on the cover of Lost Cause. The sequels are due in October, 2014, and I can't wait!

I run a middle school library, in the golden age of children's and young adult books! There is not enough time in the day to read all of them, but I will share what I can.
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