How do I get my Covid refund from Air Canada?

Have you ever changed your plan due to sudden circumstances while traveling by Air Canada? Because there are some of the most common issues that are generally faced by the passengers like heavy rainstorm and weather conditions are not suitable to travel or elsewhere you might find 3hours delay in flight due to some technical glitch in the airline. Then the most appropriate option is to cancel your reservation and go by air Canada refund policy, which will guide you over flight cancellation and refund policies.

l According to Air Canada refund policy, if a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of purchase, then 100% refunds are processed to the customer 

l Or if passengers delay in canceling the air ticket within 24 hours of booking, then after the deduction, the remaining amount is transferred as e-vouchers, miles or they will get refunded in your original mode of payment.

Is it feasible to get air Canada to refund?

How to get air Canada refund

* First off, visit the official website and go to manage my booking section and type in the PNR number and last name of the passenger 

* Then select your ticket to cancel it 

* Now click on the refund option and fill the form with contact information, full name, email, phone number, etc

* Then select the trip type and enter ticket number, date, and origin

* Next, select refund reason and describe it within 1000 characters and submit 

* At last, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the refund summary.

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