Do You Also Have These Questions About Wigs?

People who don't know much about wigs will always have a lot of questions. If you want to have smooth and shiny wigs, you need some methods.

1. How do I know to choose the right to capsize?

full lace wigs human hair

2. Can the hair be dyed?

HD wigbundles with closure

3. How to Comb the hair?

When brushing use a soft bristle brush or Use a smooth-edged wide-toothed comb start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up, in this way it avoids tangling and pulling damage. Always brush in a downward motion and do not brush harshly.

4. Which lace I should choose if I am light skin?

curly lace wigs

5. Why did my body wave wig lose the pattern after washing?

Most body wave wigs are styled by high-temperature steam and without chemical processing to keep them in natural condition and long lifetime, so the hair texture will looser after washing. You can use the curling iron or other tools to restyle the hair to make the wave, the hair will be more beautiful.

6. How to choose a trusted merchant?

Nowadays, many websites or shops sell human hair wigs on the market. What kind of seller is trustworthy?

First, wigs must be made from 100% human hair.

Secondly, keep adequate stock of hair all year round. Usually, only sellers with their own factories can do this.

Finally, use safe payment methods. This is the most important, only a secure payment method can guarantee the security of the customer's property.

If you are not familiar with human hair wigs or have not yet found a suitable website to buy wigs, then I strongly recommend West Kiss Hair. They have been selling hair for more than ten years. You can buy the lace front wigs, human hair bundles, or lace closures you want at West Kiss. The professional customer service representative will be at your service all the time. Even if you buy a wig you don't like, West Kiss also offers 15 days return or exchange for no reason.

As a 10+ years hair factory, West Kiss Hair takes seriously every step during hair products production.
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