Natural Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

hemp cream for pain relief

Organic Hemp cream for Pain Relief

Cannabis uh that really has no actual scientific basis um and but it makes it a great thing to sell because oh well this kind didn't work so try this kind oh try the other kind sort of sets up this quest for the holy grail like i have to find the perfect kind of cannabis for me because i am a unique individual well yes you are a unique individual but the medicines all work the same way and you know sure they need to be adjusted but the idea that you just need to keep finding and trying and trying that's really a sales pitch okay understanding sort of how to do dosing when it should be used um what are the pitfalls that we can avoid if we know that they could be coming those are the things that a clinician really should be doing for people to make matters worse we know that there are physicians who are employed in what we call card mills.

Hemp Products For Anxiety

hemp cream for pain

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