Does Lufthansa have free cancellation policy?

Lufthansa cancellation policy

What are the policies of Lufthansa regarding refund and cancellation? 

* In case your flight was cancelled by Lufthansa Airlines, then you're going to get a complete refund. 

* To avoid cancellation fee, make the cancellation twenty-four hours before the departure time. Simultaneously, make it certain that you made the booking seven days before the flight's departure date. 

* Suppose your flight got delayed by three hours or more. Then you have the right to claim a refund. 

How can I claim the refund?

To claim the refund, you would need to fill the refund form. You can even contact customer support. 

* Get on Lufthansa's official website. 

* Now in the search bar, write "Refund Form." 

That is it. Once the search is over, you'll come across the refund form. 

* Fill the refund form. After that, within seven to ten working days, you'll get a refund.

Lufthansa Refund Policy

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