How Brass Decors Elevate The Aesthetics Of A Space?

Are you looking for some unique, antique styled vintage decors for your home? Are you looking for some unique, antique styled vintage decors for your home? 

Brass decors give a rustic look to the home with products that are handcrafted beautifully to perfect by artisans. The bespoke brass decors enhance the aesthetics of the room with earthly warm tones. 


Use of Natural Materials for Creating Decor Items by Local Artisans

Brass adds a touch of elegance to the home with its natural, rugged finishing. The simplicity and class of the products are enhanced by creating goods from naturally procured raw materials. The minimalistic decor products are handmade by local artisans contributing to their livelihood by using their craft and skills.

brass decorative wall arts

Perfect Brass Decors to Buy for Homes 

One of the best things about brass is it is timeless and no matter how much time has passed by it retains its glory and beauty. Brass decors are suitable for decorating tables, walls, and doors with accentuated knobs and latches or pulls. Here some items are consider to buy:

Brass Items for Table Decor

Wall Decorations and Accents

Brass Sculptures

Handcrafted Door Accents

handcrafted table statues

Give Warmer Ambience and Decor to the Homes 

Brass is a relaxing and soft colour that warms up the space with its soft tones. It is not high on colours and polish like the gold polished decors but the earthly tones create a more intimate space. Brass, as a colour, brings a spiritual vibe to the homes. 

Brass also not only enhances the aesthetics of a home but is easy to maintain and clean. The brass is lacquered which makes it easy to retain the shine on its surface. With simple cleaning and dusting, it makes it convenient to maintain the shine and make it an attractive decor addition. 

brass decors

Create Customized Bespoke Designs from Brass 


The life-sized sculptures are custom designed for clients to give them an exclusive outlook. Brass is sourced from natural sources and it is the hands of the local artisans that turn the simple raw material into something exquisite. It is easy to take care of and maintain brass as compared to other metals. 

After the brass decor is custom-designed, it is safely delivered to the address. If the brass decor requires installation, for example for wall decors or doorknobs or pulls, it is done by experts. The professionals guide the clients on the process of maintenance as well as cleaning the brass decor items. 

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