How can I change the passenger’s name at United Airlines?

United Airlines allows you to make minor changes in the traveler’s name after booking a flight ticket. You can bring necessary changes in the name depending on several terms and conditions put forth by United Airlines.

United Airlines name change policy

The Name Change Policy of United Airlines

Check out the following discussed terms and conditions if you look forward to changing your name on United Airlines reservation:

•You are allowed to bring any necessary changes in your reserved ticket only if you purchased the ticket directly from the airline.

•However, if you own a code-share ticket, you can make the name changes only on behalf of United Airlines’ part of the journey.

•At United Airlines, you are allowed to reissue the ticket after making considerable name changes, if necessary.

•As per the United Airlines name change policy, you need to pay a significant amount to bring name changes, and you must pay the fare differences, if any applicable, to complete the name change process.

•If you are changing the name in your reservation, you cannot make changes in the flight’s date, time, or cabin classes.

•Also, the airline forfeits the travelers from changing the date of birth and gender if they wish to bring changes in the name.

•You can make one free name change per reservation, but to make any further changes, you need to pay the imposed penalty by United Airlines.

United change name on ticket

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