Two Niegbours Romantic Story

My name is Sumit, I am working in a company since last 4 years but to tell the truth, I never felt like doing a job. I know that a job makes a person a servant, never a master, so I always wanted to open my business but the opportunity was not being created. I do 40 thousand job in a company but instead of these 40 thousand I have put my health, my private life at stake but last year when I was completing my 5 years I suddenly resigned and went straight to my village. Come on

My village is in Meerut and we have sugarcane fields where my father works day and night.

I came home and told my parents that I want 1 year, I will settle down here and stay with you. I was 28, my family members were about to talk about my marriage, but I stopped and said, just give 1 year, after that whatever you say. Saying this, I got busy in my work and started working with all my heart. But the stomach has its own appetite and the body has its own appetite. I used to stop the full youth of 28 years during the day, but when I lay down at night, I would have a urge to lick my pussy. I used to get desperate to get water from a girl's pussy.

He used to chuckle everyday and it would be fun to slap some new girl's name every day.

But now how much can the fist be killed? The fun that is in licking the pussy can never come in licking the fist. I was busy setting up my business throughout the day, but I was also looking for a beautiful girl who would color my nights and shed all the water of her pussy on the dead cock. But due to work I was not getting time. My cock was getting very hot and wet, he started standing or wet all day and I could not understand what to do. I could not ask my family members for marriage as I was not ready for that yet.

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