6 small business ideas to make money online

        6 SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS TO.                   MAKE MONEY IN 2021.                    (LOW. INVESTMENT IDEAS)1. Endless ideas New product ideas are ubiquitous and there are unlimited ideas for finding ideas waiting to be sold, presented and marketed. They are there to be seen and followed by those who want them. In fact, ideas are available to everyone, worldwide, and at any time. In some cases, the founder in Israel and the thinker in Palo Alto will be enlightened at the same time.Ideas can be small and simple, or they can be large and complex. Enthusiasm can be a form of compulsion; From time to time you enjoy your favorite pastime. A new product can come from someone who uses a tinkerer who sees an opportunity to convey an idea that is already in a completely new context. Or someone else may consider merging two different categories into a new field of work.Special note: for entrepreneurs who have difficulty making ideas on their own, they can look to universities with technology transfer offices. Research universities have a lot of ideas waiting for the arrival of someone who can take the products to market. If an entrepreneur can take a well-researched idea, validate it in the market and license it to a university, he can produce the product as if it were his own idea.

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