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Step 1: Fill in your details on Twitter

This advice may seem basic and does not need to be mentioned, but many business owners or personal brands make this mistake, leaving all data about them blank except for the account name. Be sure to fill in all the data about yourself and write your website, blog, or any means of communication through which they can reach you. This gives the impression that you are active on Twitter.

"Step 2: Write 10 tweets per day on Twitter

If you write one tweet per day, you may get 20 likes, but if you tweet 10 times a day, you may get 200 likes or interactions per day. Always take into consideration the content you publish, whether it matters to the category you target or not? And by repeating your tweets 10 times a day, you will get amazing results.

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Follow people who may be interested in your product or service, here they will become twice as likely to follow you, especially with content that adds value or benefit to them. You can choose your keyword or hashtag, search for it and see who is tweeting or commenting on the tweet search feature in the Statusbrew app"

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Increasing Twitter followers by the thousands without getting tired, as we know that the Twitter program is one of the programs worthy of interaction, which is a destination for all celebrities from all over the world. To run, but there is the problem of followers that most people suffer from, which is the lack of interaction so that there is no comment, no posts or likes in the private account. Now you can get rid of the problem with ease, through sites and programs suggested by all sites, which are considered help to get followers on your page and get Interact on your own.

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