How to tell the difference between real and fake alcohol

Counterfeit alcohol can contain various proportions of life-threatening substances. To avoid paying the price for your health, use a few rules when choosing alcohol.

The shop must have a licence to sell alcohol. This document can be found in the sales area at the information stand. If there is no licence, look for the shop in the list of licensees on the website of the Single Social Portal of the Alcohol Market.

If the counterfeit makers made the bottles themselves, they may be very different from the originals. For example, they may have a flattened shoulder shape, whereas the real one will have crisp edges.

To avoid making a mistake, before buying go to the websites mentioned above and check what the original bottle looks like, then compare the photo with the product in the shop. Also check the raised lettering on the sides of the bottle and the bottom. On fakes they may be blurred and illegible or missing altogether.

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