Why you shouldn't exercise after getting a Tegaderm tattoo

Tegaderm tattoo

How long will the scab stay on my tattoo?

In the second week, the crust will slowly disappear and you can already see the newly formed layer of skin covering your tattoo protectively. However, you should keep in mind that only the upper layers of skin have formed over the tattoo. The lower layers of skin are still healing and will take a while to regenerate.

Since new protective skin has not yet covered all areas of the tattoo, swimming and bathing should still be avoided. Sport should also be avoided as far as possible, although light sporting activities (e.g. cycling) can be carried out as long as the tattoo is not stressed (stretching, friction).

What is silver skin and when will the silver skin on my Tegaderm tattoo go away

Tegaderm tattoo

In this phase, you can already go bathing and swimming again, but you should make sure that the Tegaderm tattoo is actually already completely healed in the upper skin layer (epidermis) and the skin is completely closed. The question ' How long does a tattoo take to heal ' cannot be answered in general, as this is always individual.

How long no sport after the tattoo

Since your skin should have healed in the upper layers after about 3 weeks, you can slowly start exercising. If you want to do sports, you should make sure that you apply lotion to the tattoo beforehand and then clean and apply the lotion again afterward. In addition, it should still not be stretched or subjected to friction.

Sports, where there is a risk of injuring the thin skin of the tattoo, should be avoided. Direct sunlight should also be avoided, as the thin layer of skin cannot sufficiently protect the Tegaderm tattoo colors.

Tegaderm tattoo

Have you wondered how long you can't go to a sauna after getting your tattoo? Exactly, until now. After about a month, you can go back to the sauna, swim, bathe, and exercise as you please. Before that, it's too risky. In the sun you should still make sure that you cover the tattoo or at least protect it with a very strong sunscreen. There are special tattoo sunscreens with a high sun protection factor that protect your tattoo optimally.

When is a tattoo completely healed?

After 6 months your Tegaderm tattoo will be completely healed in all skin layers and the color will have been fully absorbed by your skin. You can now treat the tattooed skin like the rest of your skin. The tattoo will change over time with your skin.

If you have dry skin, you should also regularly rub the tattoo with a cream to keep the skin supple and the tattoo radiant. The skin is alive and so is your tattoo, fine lines will thicken a bit and initially visible pixels in shades will sink further into the skin and blur a bit. The actual result of a tattoo can usually only be seen at this time.

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