RuneScape - I'm not able to afford buying degradable armour

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What is the cost of proselyt? I'm not able to afford buying degradable armour, therefore I'm interested to know if proselyt is going to is degradable too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The price is very low and it's not degradeable, the only good thing is it has the best prayer bonuses, but with a weak defense I would not recommend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer have more importance than def, and vice versa. Prosy on top of Guthans Plate.

My prayers, if used continuously (just as a protection prayer) and is completely wiped out prayers to 0 in about one minute or two. I have my prayers flashed to protect (on prior to opp atks then off shortly after), and with 2 pray pots, it can run for much longer than the amount of time required for me to complete my inv, or so.

Bad part is, cuz of lag, even it's not always working from time time, and i get hit. If I don't have a good definition, the few moments of lag could result in the loss of half my bank lol. Therefore, if i switch on my pray continuosly at the time i've gotten 4 or 5 kills. (blue drags) And with pros there would be some extra minutes, and I wouldn't be able to continue potting pray cuz its expensive as well... But ty anyways.

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